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Sound Scape Multitouch Interface Wave field synthesis is a spatial audio rendering technique, characterized by creation of virtual acoustic environments. It produces “artificial” wave fronts synthesized by a large number of individually driven speakers. Such wave fronts seem to originate from a virtual starting point, the virtual source or notional source. Contrary to traditional spatialization techniques such as stereo, the localization of virtual sources in Wave field synthesis does not depend on or change with the listener’s position.

The Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (T-Labs) engineered a flexible soundscape rendering application, for which the contentismissing team and myself developed a graphical multitouch user-interface.

The application allows for multiple clients to connect to a central server and modify the scene and the system parameters. It enables two scenarios, namely a “telco”, in which the user can assign different emphasis to the telephone conference participants, and a “music” scenario, where various soundsources and tracks can be spatially shifted and remixed. The multi-touch GUI was designed and implemented as an Adobe AIR application with the necessary functionalities for connectivity to the interactive display unit and the central SSR server.

Client: Deutsche Telekom Laboratories Year: 2008 Art Direction & Design: Nadim Habib, Jens Lembke Coding: Michael Markowski, Jens Lembke

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