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Art Direction, Design, Animation

Opera Software Rebranding Two exploration for a new branding that was killed. A shame ... We was asked to design and conceptualize a new branding proposal for Opera Software. After a conceptional phase, two of various possible directions prevailed. Those most coherently reflected the company’s nature. Both proposals, “The Red Flag” and “The Other Side”, had to preserve the already well-established O-form of the Opera logo.

Client: Opera Software ASA Contractor: Creuna Norway Year: 2009 Direction & Design: Nadim Habib, David Löhr, Jens Lembke


The Other Side interprets the Opera logo as the gate to a universe of content and experience that can be accessed through the company´s products and services. The ever-changing flip-side of the logo allows vast graphical differentiation for any needs of communication, i.e. depicting Opera´s sub-branches. “The Other Side” stands for futurism, cutting-edge and reveals the endless possibilities of the new technology that Opera is a part of. Certainly it is more risky to admit to a shape that has the abilities to shift, turn, flip, flow and morph and change its skin, but isn't that possibly the way the future is paved?

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The Red Cape The figure of a superhero sporting a dramatic cape seemed to perfectly illustrate the individualism and idealism at Opera. The “Red Cape”, reflecting the company’s dynamism and passion, draws attention to the central idea of embracing the spirit of freedom, neutrality and accessibility into innovative products.

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